Doing Business in Aruba

Aruba has long attracted investments for the tourism sector, which resulted in huge growth and the creation of a world-renowned vacation destination.

Aruba’s economic policy encourages an open, market-driven economy that is driven by a superb service sector, a well-educated workforce, and an investment-friendly environment. The key driving factors in the Aruban economy are the capacity of the community and the networks to sustain business expansion and the expansion of business opportunities.

While Aruba is perhaps most famous for its beaches and warm, friendly people, there are also many business and investment opportunities on the island.

Part of the government’s vision is to use Aruba’s favorable geographic and strategic location, and turn the island into a knowledge and sustainability hub between Europe, the Caribbean and the Americas. So far this has gained a lot of attention from global investors.

Besides its favorable location, Aruba boasts a well-equipped seaport, a state-of-the-art airport with excellent flight connections to the US, Europe and Latin America, a multicultural environment, and a high quality of life. All these factors make Aruba into a perfect business location.

Moreover, as part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Aruba offers political stability and an excellent legal system.

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