Introduction to Beneficial Ownership

Introduction to Beneficial Ownership

As well as the above courses, we can also work with you to tailor make your training which will cater to your business needs.

  • Understanding Source of Wealth and Source of Funds
  • Introduction to Customer Risk Rating
  • What are Virtual Currencies
  • Introduction to Screening
  • Understanding Red Flags

AML Video Tutorials

As well as providing online courses, we also provide a wide range on AML tutorial videos. Each video focuses on a chosen subject and explains the processes in a clear and engaging way. Some of the videos we provide are:

  • The difference between Tax avoidance and Tax evasion?
  • What are Red Flags?
  • What is Customer Due Diligence?
  • What is a PEP?
  • What is Transaction Monitoring?

 We have a small sample of the AML Tutorial videos readily available, but we can also work with you to customize videos to meet your own AML business needs.