AML Video Tutorials as a Service

Staying updated with the latest regulations and practices is essential for professionals in the field. To make this process easier, Integra, a trusted provider of AML solutions, offers a unique product called AML tutorials as a service. These tutorials, averaging 8 minutes in length, bring complex AML topics to life, making it effortless for AML professionals to learn or retain knowledge. Additionally, these tutorials assist employers in providing Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training at reasonable prices. All tutorials are conveniently delivered as a package via SCORM directly to your internal Learning Management System (LMS) system.

Simplifying Complex AML Topics

AML professionals often encounter intricate and challenging concepts while navigating the world of AML compliance. Integra’s AML tutorials as a service are designed to simplify these complex topics, making them easily understandable and accessible. Through concise and engaging 8-minute tutorials, professionals can dive into specific AML subjects without feeling overwhelmed. The tutorials employ various instructional methods, including clear explanations, real-world examples, and visual aids, ensuring that even the most intricate AML concepts become comprehensible. By breaking down complex topics into bite-sized modules, AML professionals can absorb information efficiently and retain their knowledge effectively.


Efficient CPD Training

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is crucial for AML professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes and industry best practices. However, traditional CPD training methods can be time-consuming and expensive. With AML tutorials as a service, employers can provide cost-effective CPD training to their AML teams. The tutorials cover a wide range of AML topics, ensuring comprehensive knowledge enhancement. By offering these tutorials as a package, Integra allows employers to seamlessly integrate the content into their internal Learning Management System (LMS) using SCORM. This integration provides convenience and flexibility, enabling AML professionals to access the tutorials at their own pace, from any location, and without disrupting their workflow.


Advantages of AML Tutorials as a Service

Convenient and Flexible: AML tutorials as a service provide AML professionals with the flexibility to learn at their own pace and convenience. They can access the tutorials whenever and wherever they prefer, fitting the learning process seamlessly into their busy schedules.

Engaging Learning Experience: Integra’s tutorials incorporate interactive elements such as quizzes, case studies, and simulations, creating an engaging learning experience. This interactive approach enhances knowledge retention and encourages active participation.

Bite-sized Format: The average duration of 8 minutes per tutorial allows AML professionals to focus on specific topics without feeling overwhelmed. This format ensures efficient knowledge absorption and minimizes information overload.

Cost-effectiveness: AML tutorials as a service offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional training methods. Employers can provide comprehensive CPD training to their AML teams without the expenses associated with organizing in-person workshops or hiring external trainers.


Seamless Integration

Integra’s tutorials are delivered as a package via SCORM, allowing easy integration into the employer’s internal Learning Management System (LMS). This integration streamlines the learning process and provides a user-friendly experience for AML professionals.

Delivering AML tutorials as a service via SCORM offers significant benefits to employers in terms of tracking, recording, and enhancing their employees’ learning experience. SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) provides a standardized format for e-learning content, allowing employers to track and monitor their employees’ progress and completion of AML tutorials. With SCORM, employers can easily record and maintain comprehensive learning records, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and demonstrating a commitment to ongoing professional development. Moreover, SCORM enables personalized learning experiences by allowing employees to access the tutorials at their own pace, bookmark their progress, and revisit modules as needed. This flexibility enhances engagement and knowledge retention, resulting in a more effective learning experience for AML professionals.


Final Notes

AML tutorials as a service provided by Integra offer AML professionals and their employers a convenient and efficient way to learn and retain knowledge about complex AML topics. With their average duration of 8 minutes, these tutorials simplify complex concepts, making AML compliance more accessible. Additionally, employers can provide CPD training to their teams at reasonable prices, thanks to the cost-effective nature of these tutorials. By delivering the content via SCORM directly to the internal LMS system, Integra ensures a seamless learning experience for AML professionals, allowing them to stay ahead in their field.

If you want to learn more on how Integra can help you and your team with AML video tutorials simply get in touch with us where a member of the team will assist you.