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In a world full of opportunities, success means staying aligned with  rigorous compliance standards and an increasingly complex regulatory environment. ​

The burden of regulatory compliance has never been more challenging. Recent years have seen extra legislation brought in around the globe. At times, in practice, legislative requirements are complex and can be time consuming​.

At Integra, we offer a full suite of Compliance support. We will assess your requirements, ensure full compliance, and take the regulatory pressure out of your hands. 

Money Laundering Compliance officer (MLCO) services

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We can fulfill the role of the external Money Laundering Compliance Officer (MLCO) for our clients. In this role we offer support by means of knowledge, customized tools and regular compliance reports that are appropriate to the organization’s specific situation.

The MLCO is included in the day-to-day management and often acts as an intermediary between the supervisory authorities and management teams of service providers by being the point of contact in case of supervisory issues, audits and investigations.


AML Identity Verification Platform

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We understand that conducting due diligence on every new client, supplier or employee may be a frustrating and time-consuming task. But this is, of course, imperative, not only to remain compliant with changing (global) regulations, but also to be reassured that your organisation isn’t being used for illicit purposes. ​Integra can optimise your KYC and AML efforts.

Integra uses an industry-leading identity verification solution for onboarding, trigger events, and periodic reviews of all customers, employees and suppliers.


  • Single identity verification (Customers and Businesses): commonly used at onboarding and reviews for real-time KYC checks. This solution screens for PEPs, sanctions, watch and black lists using the world-leading database. 
  • Ongoing monitoring and re-screening solution: used for ongoing monitoring and rescreening of all customers and suppliers.

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Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) services

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Some jurisdictions require operations to have a dedicated Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) to drive the due diligence effort.

We can assist your organization in monitoring your business relations and client transactions, and subsequently detecting and investigating (potential) unusual transactions. On the basis of that detection and further investigation, appropriate measures can be determined and it can be assessed by means of indicators whether transactions should be reported to the FIU.

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Compliance Manual & Business Risk Assessment

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Compliance Manual:

The Compliance Manual includes description of the responsibilities of the MLCO and (where applicable) of the MLRO, which we can assist the service provider with.

We can assist the organization by drafting a Compliance Manual. The Compliance Manual will be compiled in consultation with the client in such a way that it is tailor-made to the organization while meeting the guiding principles of the applicable laws and regulations.


Business Risk Assessment:

Laws and regulations on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing are based on the guiding principle of a Risk-Based Approach. Consequently, companies have more freedom when it comes to taking measures relevant to their business, depending on their risk assessment of a particular type of client, country, product or transaction.

Pursuant to the money laundering legislation, a company must draft and approve a written business risk assessment (BRA). This BRA should be detailed and based on their own organization, focusing on their own distinct clients/client groups, delivery channels, countries involved and all services and products provided. 

We can assist your organization by drafting a Compliance Manual and/or Business Risk Assessment.

Additional AML Compliance Services

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